Directory of Bangkok Hotels


We are providing lists of hotels and guest houses which are registered with the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT). Some newer hotels may not appear and other hotels or guesthouses may not be registered with the TAT, so the lists are incomplete by their nature. The lists are organized by room price. These lists are provided for your convenience without recommendation, review, comment, opinion, or warranty.

It is worth noting that Bangkok has an oversupply of hotel rooms, which means that many hotels are finding ways to discount the room rates shown in these lists. If you reserve a room directly with a hotel, they will ask their highest (rack) rates. Always ask for a discount. Even better, use a travel agent to book the room for you; travel agent contract rates are always less than rack rates. Some Bangkok travel agents can get you amazingly low rates at very fine hotels. Note that prices at the lower-priced hotels and guesthouses are often not discounted, since the rate is already low.

The hotel listings are marked as follows:

* = Member of Thai Hotels Association (THA)
(F) = fan in room
(A) = air conditioned room

Please select the class of hotel you are interested in:

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