Temple of the Emerald Buddha
The Assembly or Ordination Hall

Entrence to the Ordination Hall

This large hall was construct by King Rama I. King Rama III commanded that the walls be redecorated with with stucco mouldings, gilt and decorated with glass mosaics. The six doors of Garudathe Assembly Hall are each guarded by a pair of Khmer-style lions. Although the lions have been very much restored it is believed that they belong to the Khmer Bayon style period of the early 13th century. This is the hall, called the ubosoth, that contains the Emerald Buddha.

At the base of the Ordination Hall are Garudas holding Nagas. Garuda is the King of birds and mount of Vishnu, one of the greatest Hindu gods. Naga is the King of serpents and enemy Garudas holding Nagasof Garuda. The motif of Garuda holding a Naga is believed to have the power to chase away evil spirits.

Inside the Ordination or Audience Hall are several murals. In this mural the Earth Goddess is wringing out the water accumulated from deeds of merit that Buddha had performed in his previous lives and this drowned out all of Mara's Army (evil).

According to the life of Buddha before his enlightenment Mara came and asked the the Earth GoddessBuddha what right he had to attain enlightenment in his life and bring people out of their ignorance. The Buddha replied that in his past lives he had accumulated enough merit to attain enlightenment in this life.

The Buddha then changed his attitude from meditation to that of subduing Mara by placing his right hand on his right knee calling the Earth Goddess from the ground who drowned the whole Mara Army by wringing out her hair. The Buddha then continued out his meditation until he arrived Supreme Enlightenment.

Buddha Image The Alter Buddha Image
The alter containing the Emerald Buddha also contains other interesting Buddha images. The two large standing crowned Buddha images were cast in bronze in 1841 by King Rama III and dedicated to King Rama I and King Rama II. They are around 3 meters high and in the attitude of calming the ocean and covered with gold and precious gems.

Another interesting Buddha image on the alter is a small image called Phra Samphutta Pani and was created by King Rama IV while he was still in the monkhood in 1830. In front of Phra Samphutta Pani is the smaller victory Buddha.

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