Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Phra Rabiang (The Gallery)
Bangkok, Thailand

Painting in the Gallery

The Gallery was constructed by King Rama I in the 18th century and is noted for it's murals depicting the entire Ramakian (the Thai version of the Ramayana epic). The verses telling the story of the paintings, 4,984 all together, are inscribed in marble slabs embedded on the four sides of each pillar supporting the gallery roof.

Mural in the Gallery

The original murals were painted when the Gallery was first built, however because rapid of deterioration caused by dampness, the murals today reflect little of the art of the First Reign. Frequent restorations were carried out during their two centuries of existence mainly during the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Reigns and it is not known whether the murals were simply retouched or entirely repainted. The most recent restoration was started in 1965 and took seven years to complete. Modern technology was used in an attempt to prevent future peeling and deterioration of the murals.

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