Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Prasat Phra Thep Bidon (Royal Pantheon)

a pantheon

The Royal Pantheon was constructed during the reign of King Rama IV in 1855. He intended to place the Emerald Buddha here but the building was not completed until after his death. His successor, King Rama V, considered the building too small to accommodate the congregation at royal ceremonies so the Emerald Buddha was not placed in this building. A small gilt stupa belonging to King Rama IV was placed there instead.

statues of the Kings
In 1903 the gilt stupa and part of the edifice were destroyed by fire. King Rama VI repaired the building as the Royal Pantheon of the Chakri Dynasty. he then installed life size statues of the five preceding kings, those of King Rama VI, VII, and VIII were installed later. The Royal Pantheon is open to the public each year on April the 6th, the anniversary of the founding of the Chakri Dynasty, to pay homage to their past sovereigns. The name Prasat Phra Thep Bidon means "The Shrine of the celestial Ancestors".

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